Mark Cabrera

1978 - 2018


Mark Cabrera joined the angels on June 21, 2018.

This site was built to commemorate Mark and his amazing time on earth.

His Maker's Mark

"If God is for me, who can be against me." Romans 8:31

Son of God. Son of Grace. Brotherman. Easy Like Sunday Morning.


Mark was all about his friends (barkada) and he made his friends priority over everything. Being Mark's friend meant you were just as important as his family. Naturally unselfish and selfless, Mark always lent a hand and most importantly, always took friends in that were in need of help into his home and whether it was for the night or for a while, Mark made sure that they were taken care of. In return, Mark's friends always made sure to return the favor in anyway they can. Mark was also part of many circle of friends and often intertwined, intermingled and brought people together and even if you weren't part of his circle, he always found a way to make sure that you felt welcome. Mark is the greatest friend one can ever have.


Mark was born in the Philippines on September 16th, 1978. Mark and his older siblings moved to the United States to join their mom in 1990. Not long after, Mark soon became obsessed with music, scrimped and saved and got his first drum kit. From then on, he knew he had a mission to fullfill. Mark spent his time playing with other musicians in high school until he finally decided to start a band with close friends called Overdose. From Overdose, Mark moved on to other projects and played sessions until he finally landed on his master project, Fatmark. This was the band that truly catapulted Mark into rock star status and eventually was the final band that he ends up being truly a part of. He poured everything he had into creating, recording and playing Fatmark. Fatmark is Mark's musical legacy and absolute masterpiece.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. A culmination of hard work, passion and intent, Fatmark's self-titled 2002 EP is the only official release by the band. The full EP is available for streaming on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL. You can hear 30 second previews of each song below.

Mark Facts

  • Was called Kwatog by his family and the Panda was his spirit animal.
  • Mark loved to cook and he was great at it. Pork belly was one of his best!
  • Mark's very first big gig was at the world famous Gazzarri's, hitting the stage at 12 midnight at 16 years old.
  • Burbank police once pulled Mark over for suspicion only to let him go after a few questions. Mark had a fake Driver's license from a white person named Matthew Smith with Matthew's photo on the DL.
  • He drove his family crazy while learning to play drums as he banged his hands in the back seat of the car non-stop.
  • After a long night of partying, Mark went into work, fell asleep on the forklift and ran into the warehouse shelving racks
  • Named his cat "Stitch" who was an abandoned kitty because "Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."
  • Everywhere he went, someone always recognized Mark. But namely, rockstars like Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Ted Aguilar of Death Angel and many others always made sure to catch up with Mark, no matter what.
  • In junior high, Mark wanted to look exactly like Prince Be of P.M. Dawn. He got the glasses, jacket and cut his hair.


Mark's life in photos.


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